Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic emergencies are rare but they do occur and may require care outside of your regularly scheduled appointment. Please review the following guidelines. We are happy to accommodate you as quickly as possible to alleviate a problem.


Take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Advil or Tylenol. Generally, tooth pain will subside within a day of an adjustment or within four days of placing the braces. Chewing a small amount of sugar-free gum can also be helpful. Call the office if pain persists or is accompanied by swelling.

Appliance Not Fitting

Call the office for an appointment. Sometimes a simple adjustment can be made that will restore comfort. If the appliance is damaged, a new appliance may need to be made. Please let our office staff know if this is the case.

Loose Bracket or Band

Please call the office to inform us of this situation. Often times the repair can be made at your scheduled appointment. Other times, we would like to see you sooner. Keep the area clean, use wax as needed. Bring the item to the office when you come.

Loose Tie or Broken Power Chain

Please call to see if an appointment is necessary. This can normally be taken care of at your regularly scheduled appointment.

Wire Poking or Out

Replace the wire in the tube. If you are unable to replace the wire, place it under the bracket and give the office a call. Clipping the wire is OK if you are unable to replace it or place it in a comfortable position. Placing wax over a poking wire can help until the wire can be taken care of.


Call your dentist and our office as soon as you can.