Important Things to Know (about your braces)

Keep those braces on your teeth... it helps them come off faster!

Any orthodontic appliance can be damaged or loosened by foods that are hard and/or sticky. Some examples of foods to be careful with are: raw veggies or hard fruits (these can be cut up and chewed on the back teeth). Some examples of things to stay away from are popcorn, chewing gum and sticky or hard candy. Do not chew on ice, pens or pencils!

Keep those pearly whites pearly white

Decalcification or staining of the teeth may occur in areas adjacent to bands or brackets. This can be avoided with proper brushing after each meal.

There are four steps necessary to clean your braces:

Brush on top of the braces

Brush between the braces from above and below

Brush the teeth above and below the braces

Brush well at the gum line

We will check and evaluate the brushing at each appointment. We are happy to provide toothbrushes throughout treatment.  Remember getting an A in brushing enters you to win a gift certificate.

Decay can begin under loose bands or brackets. Please call us if you feel that a band or bracket is loose. A loose bracket may be removed from the wire for your comfort. Brush well around a loose band or bracket. Intact brackets and bands are essential for tooth movement!!!

We suggest that you use a Fluoride Rinse. This helps keep the enamel of the teeth stronger while the braces are on the teeth. The Fluoride rinse should be used once per day after a thorough brushing. Swish the rinse in your mouth for one minute and then spit it out

Keep Comfortable

You may notice pain or sensitivity in your teeth as they move. This is most common after braces are first placed. A mild pain reliever, such as Tylenol or Advil usually relieves the pain. Also, a soft diet in the first few days is helpful. You may also notice a sensitivity to hot or cold. Although these symptoms are commonly felt during treatment, it is important that you bring them to our attention.

Use wax on areas that feel sharp to the cheeks or lips. The tissues of the mouth will toughen up with time, but may need TLC in the beginning!

Precious Time

Please help us stay on schedule. Keeping your scheduled appointments helps keep treatment on schedule. If an appointment needs to be changed, please call us as soon as you can. If we have at least 48 hours, we can make that time available for another patient who may need it.


If you have a concern that needs our attention, please call the office: 231-935-1440

If you are calling after hours, please leave us a message. Our message will contain information to get you in contact with someone who can help you.