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New Patient Exam

Smiling KidsYour first office visit will take approximately thirty minutes. This important visit will provide you with information regarding treatment options, treatment timing, and overall need for treatment. If treatment is recommended, we help you schedule the appropriate appointments. New patient exams are complimentary and do not require a dental referral.


Treatment for Children

Smiling KidsPhase I or Early Treatment is usually planned for children ages 6 to 10. Phase I treatment is designed to correct or improve conditions in young, growing children. This often involves treating problems with jaw growth and bite malalignment, such as a crossbite, underbite, or overbite. Early treatment very often turns a severe problem that could require jaw surgery into a moderate problem that can be treated with braces at a later age. Some early bite problems are caused by thumb or finger habits or tongue thrusts. These persistent habits are good indications for Phase I evaluation and treatment. Finally, Phase I treatment can be designed to simply help improve the spaces available for the permanent teeth that are yet to come in. 

Phase I treatment seldom corrects all tooth and bite related problems, so many children need a...

Phase II Treatment or braces phase of treatment around age 12 to finish aligning the teeth and bite. This phase usually occurs after all the permanent teeth (except the wisdom teeth) have come in. When Phase I treatment is successful, the treatment time for Phase II will be reduced significantly.

Orthodontists refer to Full Treatment as the placement of upper and lower braces to align the teeth and bite when a Phase I treatment was not necessary. This generally takes place after age 12. At this time, most of the permanent teeth have erupted.


Adult & Adolescent Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Treatment Planning

Smiling KidsAlthough many of our patients require braces only to achieve beautiful and healthy smiles, other patients require additional services. We work with local dentists and dental specialists to help achieve the best possible results for you. Your dentist may need to restore a damaged tooth or replace missing teeth, while an oral surgeon may be needed to aid in tooth removal, tooth exposure, or jaw alignment. Your family dentist will continue to provide general dental care during orthodontic treatment.



BracesBraces have been used for over 100 years by orthodontists. The most common type of braces are made of surgical stainless steel. As you might expect, there is a lot of technology built into both the braces that are connected to the teeth and the wires that move the teeth. Current braces are designed based on good understanding of the anatomy and physiology of tooth movement.

Most of our patients wear the stainless steel braces, however clear braces are an option that many patients take advantage of. These braces are made of crystal that is virtually transparent. Clear braces tend to be a bit more fragile and expensive than the stainless steel braces. They are often a good choice for adults or those who have metal allergies.



RetainersMost of the people you see with beautiful, straight smiles have worn their retainers well.

Without retainers, it does not take long for your teeth to become crooked again. Our patients are asked to wear their removable retainers full time (24/7) for 6 months, then night time for several years. A wire is often bonded to the inside of the lower front teeth to keep them straight.

Depending on the stability of the teeth, retainers may be worn for a lifetime to ensure straight teeth. When teeth are holding well, retainers may be worn on an intermittent basis. We continue to see you to check your retainers to monitor your progress.


Aligner Therapy

Clear aligner therapy has made great strides in the last few years.  More and more patients are good candidates for aligners.  We are proud to provide both Invisalign Aligners and 3M Clarity Aligners for our patients.  Aligners have gained popularity for both teens and adults because move teeth and are virtually invisible.  Please contact us to see if you are a candidate for aligner therapy.



Dr. Sara Bergsma is an orthodontist providing orthodontic treatment for Children and Adults in Traverse City.

Dr. Sara Bergsma is a fully licensed dentist and Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist in the State of Michigan.

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